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From left: Homesick James, Steven Seagal, Robert Lockwood Jr., David Honeyboy Edwards


"As a devoted musician and student of the blues, I wanted to document the important contribution each of these amazing artists has made to our musical heritage.  I regret that many of the great blues icons are no longer with us, but have no doubt that their spirit will continue to inspire all of us for generations to come.”
Steven Seagal

STEVEN SEAGAL and his band Thunderbox, ride with the biggest Legends of Blue’s :

Ruth Brown,  Iverson Minter,  James Creer, Tony Braunigal, Thomas  Brill, George Brock,  James Cotton,  James Henderson, Calvin Fuzz Jones, Willie Perkins, Homesick James, Robert Lockwood Jr., David Honeyboy Edwards,  Bo Diddley,  Koko Taylor,  Bob Margolin,  Muddy Waters,  Willie Big Eyes Smith, Hubert Sumlin,  Henry Towsend,  David F. Hughes  

Also Band Members,

Bernard Allison - Slide Guitar

Norris Johnson - Keyboards

Harold Smith - Guitar

Edward "Hot" Cleveland - Drums

Armand Sabal Lecco- Bass

Angel Rodgers - Back Vocals

Steven Seagal - Lead Guitar & Vocals